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Eddie Bolero

Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight: 200 Lbs (91 kg)
Eddie Bolero

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Footprints in the Sand (Spiritual Short 2009)  Jesus- Lead Explosive Bolts Production
Sexo en Paraiso (Drama Feature 2008)  Alcoholic Boyfriend- Supporting Actor VientoFuego Productions
Amor de Lejos (Comedy Feature 2009)  Muscleman,GangstaWanabe, RockStar,SeminaryStudent VientoFuego Productions
Where is Hank (Comedy Romance Feature 2009)  Danny- Principal Robert Max Kuhar
The Vampire & the Rabbi (Horror Short 2009)  Vampire- Lead Pagan Moon Productions
Alien Alien (SciFi Comedy Feature 2009)  Alien One- Lead Mark Hedley
Limbo (SciFi/Drama Teaser 2009)  Agent Raphael Soto -Principal Fried Egg Films LLC
Reckoning (Psychological Thriller Short 2009)  One-Armed Man-Lead Abstract Pause Productions


What Killed the Megabeasts  Mammoth Hunter Discovery Channel
Pima Community College  Construction Worker Pima Community College


Lots of Theatre!!!!  Everything
Special Skills
View following site for better pics and reel:

SKILLS: Martial Arts, Extreme Flexibility, Dance, Fencing, & Horseback riding.

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