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Patricia Simmons

Gender: Female
Ethnic appearance: African-American
Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)
Weight: 150 Lbs (68 kg)
Patricia Simmons

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Little Bruno  Maid Dan Frank
Patient Break Up  Detective Smith Dwight Taylor, Direcotr
Second Chance  Jennifer Alex B. Smith, Director
Four Christmases  Disgruntled holiday traveler Avery Pics
Chain Letter  Pedestrian Twisted Pictures
Customer Service  Janice - businesswoman Jamie Lucero, Jr.
Coordinates - Trailer  Attorney Kapture Films
Pursuit of Happyness  businesswoman Riding the Bus. Inc.
Till Death They Do Part  Roberta Andrew Hooper
Under the Bed, In a Closet and On your Mind  support group member Sussed Out Films - Neil Finocchiano
Unflinching Triumph  fan J.E. McCord
On a Tuesday  tourist Geralyn Pezanoski
Xteresestrials Xposed  Officer Williams Scott Hale
Dad's Cafe  State worker Diane Erwin


Extreme Forensic - "Hung Up"  surviving victim Michael Hoff Productions
World's Astonishing News - Yoshihiro Hattori Story  Juror Due Creative Company
Training Rules  Mrs. Wicks D. Mosbacher/F. Yacker, Directors
Commercial  Satisified customer Byrco Funding
Discovery Investigations - "On the Lam"   interviewee J. Plotsky, Director
PSA - Banyan Tree Project   group member Matthew Moglia Producer - Minefiled Media
Commercial  Proud Parent Merced College
Commercial  Satisfied Shopper Denios Auction
PSA- Every Street  Deceased wife Lee Stokes
PSA  Satisfied Shopper American Cancer Society - Discovery Shops


Standardized Patient  Patient UC Davis Medical School


Lifestyle photo shoot  Mom Kris Timken Photography
Educational materials  Doctor The Staywell Company
Sonoma County Tourism Bureau  model - mother Sonoma County
Self-Esteem  Model December 2007 Essence Magazine


Corporate Video  Exploited Employee Level Playing Field
Welcome to Emergent Success  businesswoman Emergent Succes, Inc.
Laurie Sari Geduldig Life Coach website  client
The Boardroom  Businesswoman Wesley Sutcliffe, Director
Corporate Video  Sue - HR Officer EmTrain
Where's My Bailout  Frustrated taxpayer TeeForce Productions
DoesNot.Com  mother JPL Productions
Delta Dental - Tricare Retiree Dental Service  customer AdCom Media


Griswold Special Care  In home care attendant Hemali Acharya Photography


Juvenile Court Educational Video  mother - Mrs. Smith Ken Nicholson, Direcotr
Special Skills
Licensed Attorney
Public Speaker

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