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Frequently Asked Questions

About SlateCast

What is is an online location-centric collaboration platform for film industry professionals. To put it in simple terms it is a do-it-yourself service enhanced with tools designed to connect filmmakers with local crew and talent on various stages of film production.

Is a casting agency?

    No, is neither a casting nor a talent agency. It is an information technology company designed with the sole purpose to facilitate the information flow between the film industry folks. So, posting your Talent profile may get you extra exposure but certainly won't violate any representation contracts.

Is it really free?

    Yes. There are no fees involved to create and use your SlateCast account. It is not a trial period. You do not need to provide credit card information.

    There are already many websites that try to get you in by offering a free account but once you sign up you realize you can't do anything until you upgrade to paid service. Well, we don't believe in such deceiving practices and intend to keep our service 100% free. We are aware of very high industry-wide unemployment rate and firmly believe that it is wrong to charge anyone simply looking for next gig.

Who is using

    A lot of different groups and individuals come to To name a few: independent producers, casting directors, student filmmakers, advertising agencies, talent agents and of course actors, whether experience or those that are just starting on that path.
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