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Support Levels

As you know, is 100% free service. All contributions will be used to offset the costs we incur on an ongoing basis, which include web hosting and support, bandwidth, continuous development of new services and features that benefit community.

Although we appreciate every contribution we receive, we would like to acknowledge the amount of the support by using the following level groups:

Bronze Level SupporterBronze Level -- up to $20
Silver Level SupporterSilver Level -- $20 to $50
Gold Level SupporterGold Level -- $50 to $100

Additionally, the name of the donor will be given a priority placement in the Online Directory for one full year (from the date of the latest contribution).

Q. What if I contribute more then $100, say $105? How will my account be marked?

A. It'll have 2 stars, for Gold and Bronze Levels.

Q. What if there are several donors in the same state, how is the priority listing going to look like?

A. The names appear at the beginning of the directory and will be ordered according to the contributed amount from highest to lowest. If the amounts are exactly the same, the names will be arranged alphabetically.

Q. Can I make more then one contributions?

A. Yes you can.

Q. After I made a contribution I see another donor's name above my name in the directory. We both are in the same Support Level, but alphabetically my name should be above...

A. Even withing the same Support Level the contribution amount of the other member is larger. If you wish to place higher, your amount needs to be higher as well. You can contact us to find out the difference amount between your's and other member contribution.
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