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Talent Account

The title, Talent Account, is pretty self-explanatory. Whether you are an actor with an established career, a student taking acting classes and dreaming of making it big one day or perhaps youíve done some modeling and would like to venture down a bit more interactive path, this account is for you.

Having this account allows you to build your online talent profile, which includes your personal information, such as your name, headshot and ethnic appearance. Professional information usually includes your previous relevant work experience, professional union affiliations, is there are any. If you have an agent, his/her information will go into this section as well. And of course the last part has to do with the ways to contact you. We do require a valid email address to create each and every account, but once you have established your account, we keep even this information confidential and instead allow communication between members via Private Messaging System.

The information required to establish this account is quite basic and is not confidential. In fact, if you donít feel comfortable using your real name with your online profile, feel free to use your stage name and if you donít have one yet, well, youíre in luck Ė offers this option as well.

View an example of a Talent Account.

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