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Spotlight Members in May
Larry Jack Dotson

Larry Jack Dotson
Kaufman, TX

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Film: Lead/Tom Mosley in "The Stopping Place"; Supporting/Doc in "Shroud"; Lead/The Preacher in "Touched"; Supporting/AttorneyTim Badler in "Black Mold Exposure"; Supporting/Detective Robarger in "The Van Zandt Shakedown"; Supporting/Mr. Evans in "Close Call"; Audience Member in "Rain"; Airport Passenger in "Ciao"; Bar Patron in "The Safety Of Others"; FBI Agent/Hostage in "Franks Last Shot"; Supporting/Jason Harper in "Heaven Ten Miles"; Supporting/Mr. Reynolds in "Forever Never"; Supporting/Dr. Charles Brandon in "The Sisters Four"; Lead/Michael Mosca in "What Is Gothic?"; Supporting/Sergeant Hammond in "Murder By Mistake"; Dual Supporting/Dr.James Fredrick/George the loan in "Infidelity"; Supporting/Gerald the coroner in "American Cartel"; Lead/Eugene Mathis in "Cold Water"; Supporting/Grandad McCubbin in "Through Thick And Thin"; Viet Nam Veteran in "The Youngest Was The Most Loved"; Supporting/Ben Gentry in "The Fifth"; Lead/Tim Russell in "Faux Finish"; Supporting/Sheriff in "No Change"; Lead/Thomas in "Better Left Broken"; Supporting/Judge Grayson in "Nothing Left"; Supporting/Jim the Mechanic in "Revenge of the Grasshoppers"; Supporting/Dr. Penser in "The Perfect Match"; Lead/William Grimes in "Accepting Adria"; Lead/Franklin Craft in "The Reckoning"; Lead/Reverend Clyde Crawford in "Copperhead Road"; Supporting/Mr. Henry in "Evidence of a Haunting"; Supporting/Ron McDarkevil in "Unnatural 20: The search for Steve"; Lead/Walter in "David"; Mortician in "Inventors and Vendors"; Supporting/Patrick Marnier in "Ashes"; Lead/Gordon in "On Down The Line"; Lead/Derek in "Alien Zombie Invasion"; Supporting/Special Agent Rollins in "Night Lab"; President in "Departure"; Reverend Woodard in "Bernie"

TV: Lead/Dr. Bil in "American Stud"; Interviewee/Protestor in "A House Divided"; Reporter in "Prison Break season 2 episode1"; Recovering addict in "Prison Break season 2 episodes 4 & 5"; Bar Patron in "Inspector Mom"; Lead/Testimonial in "New Homes Lifestyle"; Supporting/Sheriff in "Friday Night Lights"; Lead/Dr. John Harvey Kellogg in "The Genesis of Healing"; Lead/Jack Ruby in "JFK: The Ruby Connection"; Ranger in "Cowboy and Lucky "; Supporting/Detective Hammond in "Final Witness"

Theater: Paul in "To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday"

Music: Theatre Patron in "Stay Saved"; Dad in "Josh Abbott Band"; Aging Rocker in "Snake Skin Prison/Alcohol of Fame"

Internet: Principal Web/TV in "AeroMexico"; Senior Pastor Jeffrey in "Saved"

Appearances: Lead singer & Front Man in "Higher Ground Quartet"

Print: Principal/Web/TV in "AeroMexico"; Principal/In Store in "Mr. Gatti's"; Extra/Football Fan in "SBC/AT&T"; Principal in "Enspire Learning"

Other: Principal/VOC in "Energy Depot"; Principal/VOC in "Alcon Labs Sales Video"; Principal/VOC in "Dallas Mavericks"; Principal/MOS in "Ford Motor Company"; Supporting/MOS in "West Nile Virus PSA"; Shopper/MOS in "Texas Rangers"; Extra/MOS in "On The Border"; Extra/MOS in "Radio Shack"; Grandfather in "Univera "The Gift""; Airport Passenger in "American Airlines"

Diane E. Howard

Diane E. Howard
Belton, TX

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Film: Principal, Martha in "Martha Washington"; Professor in "Humanizing Videoconferences"; Presenter in "Role Models in Videoconferences"; Teacher in "National Sales Video"; Multiple Characters in "Characters from Period & Contemporary Scenes"; Instructor in "Non-Verbal Communication, Teacher Training"; Narrator, Professor in "Performance of Autobiography"; Professor in "Performances of Poetry (videostream)"; Senior Supervisor in "Supervisory Training Video"; Professor in "Performances of Short Stories"; Martha, Narrator in "Martha Washington"; Instructor in "Performances of Poetry"; Instructor in "Performances of Autobiography"; Professor, Researcher in "Performances of Autobiography"; in "See complete performance resume"; Therapist in "International Cruise Advertising"

TV: Professor in "Performances of Poetry, Recurring"; Dolly in Hello Dolly in "Interview"; Performance Studies Professor in "Interview"; Director, Oklahoma, Tablerock Festivals in "Interview"; Older Swimmer, Episodes 1 & 2, Season 2 in "Friday Night Lights"; Professor in "Commercial- University of Mary Hardin-Baylor"; Miss Eugene in "Commercials- Eugene Oregon"; in "See complete performance resume"; Congresswoman in "Gen Y"

Theater: Queen Gertrude in "Hamlet"; Aemelia in "Comedy of Errors"; Lady Macbeth in "Macbeth"; Martha Washington & Narrator in "Martha Washington"; Mrs. Armstrong in "Best Christmas Pageant Ever"; in "See complete performance resume"

Modeling: Model in "Miss Eugene and First Runner-Up Miss Oregon"; Miltary Retiree - Wife, Mother in "National Advertising"; Caseworker in "Medical/Social Services Ads"; in "See complete performance resume"

Music: Ruth in "Pirates of Penzance"; Mrs. Paroo in "Music Man"; Hello Dolly in "Dolly"; Mother in "Amahl and the Night Visitors"; Nancy in "Oliver"; Witch in "Macbeth"; Soloist in "Of Thee Sing"; Soprano Soloist, Recurring in "Messiah"; Mrs. Darling in "Peter Pan"; Diane in "Godspell"; White Witch in "Narnia"; Glinda in "Wizard of OZ"; in "See complete performance resume"

Internet: Martha, Narrator in "Martha Washington"; Instructor in "Performances of Poetry"; Martha, Narrator in "Martha Washington"

Voiceover: Host in "News and Events"; Multiple Voices-Character, Commercial, Narration in "Voice Samples"; Narrator in "Distance (Film)"; Martha Washington & Narrator in "Martha Washington's Dilemmas"; Instructor in "Autobiographical Writing/Performing"; in "See complete performance resume"

Maria Olsen

Maria Olsen
Winnetka, CA

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Film: Nurse Nancy (Lead) in "Shellter"; Dorothy Heim (Supporting) in "A Gothic Tale"; Nurse Kelly (Supporting) in "Sam Hell"; Mevrouw van Schoon (Supporting) in "The Search for Carravagio"; Maria (Lead) in "Tears of Passion"; Deb (Supporting) in "Step 7"; Jane (Supporting) in "Comedy Traffic School"; Empress Alexandra (Lead) in "1918 The End of the Romanovs"; Rebecca (Lead) in "Brick and Mortar"; The Old Lady (Supporting) in "A Women's World"; Paparazi (Supporting) in "Alice Inc"; Diane (Supporting) in "21 Ninja Assassination Squad"; Susan (Lead) in "The Susans"; Sherry (Lead) in "The First Time"; The Victim (Supporting) in "I Need To Know"

Theater: Shearer / Crawford / Davis in "Leading Ladies of Hollywoods Golden Age"; The Dormouse in "Alice in Wonderland Thru the Looking Glass"; Julia Leverett in "Lend Me A Tenor"; LA Weekly Critics Choice & LA Times Recommended in "Masque of the Red Death"; The Woman in "6th Annual Drive By Play Festival"; Madame DeFarge in "A Tale of Two Cities"; LA Times Recommended in "Urban Death Blood Transfusion"; LA Times Critics Choice in "The Telltale Heart & The Bells"; MJ (Best Newcomer 2005 Woody Award) in "Inspecting Carol"; 7013 (Best Newcomer 2005 Woody Award) in "Heaven Can Wait"; Lucienne in "A Flea In Her Ear"; Evelyn Whitchurch in "The Happiest Years of Our Lives"; Miss Carswell in "The Mousetrap"; Mrs John Hutchins in "The Night of January 16th"; Chava in "Fiddler on the Roof"; The Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz"; Faye in "The Boyfriend"; Mother Penguin in "Flibberty & The Penguin"; Frau Schmidt & Understudy to Maria in "The Sound of Music"; Annie Bloodgood in "Are You A Mason"; The Mayor's Wife in "Coppellia"; Morgan Le Fey in "Robin Hood & The Babes in the Wood"; Ronnie Boyland in "Annie"; Mother & Grandmother in "The Golden Goose"; Miss Clark in "Annie Warbucks"; Ensemble & Laurie Understudy in "Oklahoma"; Ensemble & Mame Understudy in "Mame"; Ensemble & Nancy Understudy in "Oliver!"; Ensemble & Guinevere Understudy in "Camelot"; Ensemble in "Grease"; Ensemble in "Hans Christian Andersen"; Ensemble in "Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"; Ensemble in "Dark of the Moon"; Ensemble in "The Mikado"; Ensemble in "Hello Dolly"; Ensemble in "Annie Get Your Gun"; Director (2005 ADA Award Best Revival Drama) in "The Gin Game"; Writer & Director in "Victims"; Ensemble in "South Pacific"; Ensemble in "The Pajama Game"; Solo & Ensemble Singer in "Cabarets & Reviews (about 15 productions)"

Voiceover: Various in "Various"

Olivia Rusk

Olivia Rusk
Fishers, IN

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Film: Lead/Olivia in ""I Could Be Great!" Video Short"; Hostess in ""Brick By Brick" The Movie"

TV: Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Appearance"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview (closed circuit)"; Herself in "Interview (in production)"; Olivia in "'No Hairy Big Deal' Sitcom Pilot (in development)"; Herself in "Interview"

Theater: Greylag's Fleet in "Honk"; Mouse in "Barn Rats"; Grandma Georgina in "Willy Wonka"

Modeling: Model in "'I Am Not My Hair' Event"; Model in "'Spring Time' Fashion Show"; Model in "Photo Session"; Model in "Photo Session"; Model in "Photo Session"; Model in "Mannequin Modeling Event"; Kiddy Ditties Marketing in "Photo Session"

Internet: Model in "Spokesmodel"; Model in "Photographer's Web Site"; Herself in "Spokesperson/Alopecia Awareness"

Voiceover: Voiceover in "Kiddy Ditties Online Books"

Radio: Kid Caster in "Concerned Kids"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview "; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "People Helping People"; Herself in "Interview"

Appearances: Guest Speaker in "Opening of New Teen Center"; Guest Speaker in "Healthy Choices for Girls Conference"; Herself in "The Power of Children"; Guest Speaker in "Award Ceremony"; Guest Speaker in "Luncheon Meeting"; Guest Speaker in "Key Learning Community"; Guest Speaker in "2009 International Conference"

Print: Herself in "Cover Story"; Herself in "Olivia's Story"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Olivia's Story"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Feature"

Other: Leader in "Teen Leaders"; Leader in "Indiana Support Group "; 2009 Award Recipient in "The Power of Children"

Devorah L. Dishington

Devorah L. Dishington
Costa Mesa, CA

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Film: Aadila ( Jasmeen’s Mother ) – Supporting in "The Rat and The Elephant [ 2012 ]"; Mother Superior Luke Katherine ( as Mother Superio in "Caesar & Otto’s Dark Christmas – IMDb [ 2012 ]"; Comedy Club Girl – Day Player in "Jerry and Tom – IMDb [ 2012 ]"; Jackson’s Biggest Fan – Featured in "Indio, CA – IMDb [ 2012 ]"; Different Featured Roles (Hooker/Stripper/Student) in "Phoenix Incident [ 2005 ] "; Wedding Guest Day Player in "Life on Trial [ 2005 ] ( SAG ) "; Contestant Eight: Delilah Venus Supporting in "The Ultimate Winner [ 2006 ] ( SAG ) "; Luxxie Star � Co - Lead in "Seventh Grade Teacher – IMDb [ 2007 ]"; Devorah ( Self ) – Lead in "The Missing Screenwriter – IMDb [ 2012 ] "; Michelle Okurimono Laurreau ( as Michelle - The Se in "Notes from the New World – IMDb [ 2011 ]"; College Student on Laptop – Featured in "Over a Cup of Joe – IMDb [ 2010 ] "; Trendy Bar Patron – Day Player in "Jelly – IMDb [ 2010 ]"; Stand - In: Kelly Donohue / Traveler – Featured in "Santa Ana Winds – IMDb [ 2010 ]"; Diane, Jim's Wife – Principal in "The Dollar – IMDb [ 2009 ]"; Mr. Drake's British Neighbour – Featured in "The Audition [ 2009 ]"; Marcus� Secretary � Featured in "Waking Up With Monsters � IMDb [ 2007 ] "; Ethyl ‘ Ellen Eval ’ Freemont – Lead in "Slices ( Segment: Dead Letters ) – IMDb [ 2008 ]"; Kim Delians – Lead in "Accused – IMDb [ 2008 ]"; Punk Rocker Chick – Supporting in "The Smelly Janitor – IMDb [ 2008 ]"; Rain – Co - Lead in "City of Darkness [ 2008 ]"; Chéri Cherry ( as Darla Student #1 ) – Featured in "Safety First - The Rise of Women – IMDb [ 2008 ]"; Heckling Comedy Club Patron â�� Day Player in "Open Mic Night [ 2008 ]"; Tammy Terror, ZNN Reporter – Supporting in "Zombie Ed – IMDb [ 2013 ]"; The Triplets: Lana, Merna, and Rana ( in Burqah ) in "Machsom – IMDb [ 2013 ]"; L.A. John Kerry Campaign Worker – Day Player in "Farah Goes Bang – IMDb [ 2013 ] "; Aqsa ( Ahmed's Mother ) – Featured in "God’s Slave aka Esclavo de Dios – IMDb [ 2013 "; Fahimeh Husseini ( as Flower Seller ) – Supporti in "For the Birds ( Atefeh ) – IMDb [ 2014 ]"; Afghani Jewelry Peddler – Featured in "Soul Stealer – IMDb [ 2014 / II ]"; Louise’s Co - Worker – Day Player in "Theme Song Rebel – IMDb [ 2014 ]"; Interviewer – Self in "A Glimpse of GOD’s Hand at Work – IMDb [ 2014 "; Roby, The Rancher’s Wife – Lead in "Where The Road Goes – IMDb [ 2015 ]"; Devirah – Supporting in "Sharia – IMDb [ 2016 ] "; Ruth Red Moon – Supporting in "When It Rains – IMDb [ 2016 ]"; Susanna the Courtesan / Fallopio Woman – Support in "Caravaggio and My Mother The Pope – IMDb [ 2016 "; Herself / Michelle – Lead in "Notes from the New World ( Re – Imagining Dostoe"; Ms. Ellanor Parks – Supporting in "The Sherilffs – IMDb [ ???? ]"

TV: Performing Group: Soul Kiss Bassist/Vocalist in "Orange County Music Live [ 1999 ]"; Pirates of the Caribbean Open Call Attendee in "Entertainment Tonight [ Summer 2005 ]"; Pirates of the Caribbean Open Call Attendee in "Access Hollywood [ Summer 2005 ]"; Various Episodes and Roles Day Player in "Bedside Manner IMDb [ 2007 ]"; Save This Child - Ms. Matthews Lead in "Create Your Own Hero - Heroes Promo [ 2007 ]"; Italian Secretary Lead in "Office Promo: The Watering Hole [ 2007 ]"; Amazon Medicine Woman Day Player in "The Last of the Amazon IMDb [2008]"; Female Naval Aviator Featured in "Two Sticks ~ PILOT Being Sold to Network [ 2010 ]"

Theater: Chorus in "Mary Had a Little Lamb"; Mom Lead in "His Fleece Was White As Snow"; The Dove Lead in "Rainbow Express"; Chorus in "My Fair Lady"; Aristocrat and Chorus in "Camelot"; Chorus in "Wizard of Oz"; Maria Lead in "Westside Story"; Cherubino ( First Year ) Supporting in "Marriage of Figaro"; Susanna ( Second Year) Lead in "Marriage of Figaro"; Rosemary Supporting in "Picnic"; Lorna Dexter and Script Co - Writer in "Lutz Radio Theatre Christmas"; Selina Supporting in "Loose Ends"; The Girl Lead in "Where Have All the Lightning Bugs Gone"; Angel Childress Lead in "When Are You Coming Back, Red Ryder?"; Gloria Lead in "Tropical Depression"; Nurse Becky Hedges Lead in "Bad Habits: Dunelawn"; Ann Deever Lead in "All My Sons"; Aristocrat, Chorus, and Evita Understudy in "Evita"; Lois Lead in "Food and Shelter A Musical Adaptation [ 2004 ]"; Scottish Pirate Wench and Victorian Fencer - Lead in "The History of Fencing [ 2006 ]"; Jill S. Preston, Esquire Lead in "Jill and Ted's Most Excellent 'Fencing' Adventure "; Captain Jackelyn Sparrow Lead in "Theatrical Fencing Class "Live Infomercial" [2007]"; The Nurse Supporting in "Dream The Musical [ 2008 ]"; Troupe Member - Various Roles / Improv in "Sharing GOD Kid Style [ 2007 - 2008 ]"; Zima, Warrior Princess Lead in "The Adventures of Zima, Warrior Princess [ 2008 ]"; Scottish Topsman ( Aubergine ), Irish Constable, a in "RenQuest Pirates ( February - May 2014 )"; Evil Wizard Snifflewort with Kid's Quest, Violet R in "RenQuest Pirates ( February - May 2015 )"; Miss Love Kidwell, Lady's Maid to Lady Lockton, an in "Guild of Saint Cuthbert's ( February - May 2016 )"

Modeling: Model for Drawing and Photography in "Various Art Projects"

Music: Bassist, Guitarist, Keyboardist, and Vocalist in "Countless Band Demos"; Chorus & Soloist in "Classical Chorus"; Bassist, Keyboardist, Backing and Lead Vocals in "Band: Arsenal"; Bassist and Lead and Backing Vocals in "Band: Bucks for Boris"; Songwriter: Al Frisco Album ( Bassist ) in "" Touch a Rainbow " [ 1993 ]"; Band: Soul Kiss - Demo ( Bassist and Backing Vocal in "" Soul Kiss " - Debut EP [ 1994 ]"; Artist: Greg Chaisson Album ( Backing Vocals ) in "" Its About Time " [ 1994 ]"; Band: Dean Martin's Liver Album ( Bassist and in "" Ready " [ 1994 ]"; Bassist, Keyboardist, Backing and Lead Vocals in "Band: The Moonlighters"; Band: Soul Kiss Album ( Bassist and Backing Vo in "" All In Your Head " - Debut CD ( not completed ) "; Band: Room 105 Album ( Bassist and Backing Voc in "" Landmark " [ Fall 2003 ]"; Bassist and Backing Vocals in "Solo Artist: Chaeya"; Bassist and Lead and Backing Vocals in "Band: Cisco Robles and His D'Vine Order"

Internet: Webisode 5 Starring: Abbey Lead in "The Bible Chronicles ~ Ecclesiastes 12 "; FBI Agent, Krystal Ross – Featured in "The Tesla Archive [ 2012 ]"; Cassandra Whitmore Bride, British – Supporting in "Married in the Nick of Nine Trailer [ 2012 ]"; Sister Jacqueline Marie – Featured in "Thoroughly Melted Minnie – IMDb [ 2013 ]"

Voiceover: LIVE: The Airport Announcer and the Lead's Inner S in "Dream The Musical [ 2008 ]"; Italian Secretary and Scottish Clerk Lead in "Office Promo: Where is Samuel? [ 2007 ]"; Differing Voices Leaving Phone Messages Lead in "Notes from the New World [ 2007 ]"; Voice Over for Voicemail System in "California Medical Equipment / PS Medical M. E."; Michelle - The Secretary – Lead ( Additional Dia in "Notes from the New World [ 2009 ] "; Michelle - The Secretary – Lead ( Final ADR for in "Notes from the New World [ 2010 ]"; Interviewer and Various Voices in "Notes from the New World ( Re – Imagining Dostoe"

Radio: Performing Group: Room 105 Bassist / Vocalist in "Poor Man's Radio Hour [ 2000 ] - AM Show ~ RADIO "

Other: Say That Word ( Vocals ) in "" It's Learning Time " [ 2000 ] Video"; A Concert Audience Member in ""One Love" - Band: Hargo [ 2005 ] Music Video"; A Dancing, Freed, & Jubilant Peasant in "" Never Ending Story " [ 2007 ] Music Video "; A Country Christian Principal Music Video in ""Dancing on Our Graves" - The Cave Singers [ 2007"; A Concert Audience Member ( Lady in Red ) in ""Speakers" - Band: Sink to See [ 2007 ] Music"; Head Banging Concert Punk - Principal-Music Video in ""Fire in the Dancehall" - Voodoo Glow Skulls"; I wrote and interpreted my own original narratives in "Competitive Speech Team Member"; An Audience Member (4 Different Looking Characters in "Six Degrees of Coca - Cola [ 2005 ] Commercial"; Adult Driver (Cinderella & Dwarves) Lead in "Toyota Prius Promo Slot Competition: 'All Aboard' "

Benton Jennings

Benton Jennings
Los Angeles, CA

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TV: Mr Hobbs in "SCRUBS"; Gene Marshall in "DEXTER"; Lifer in "IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA"; NA Leader in "WITHOUT A TRACE"; Robert Grayson in "HEARTLAND"; Fred in "12 MILES OF BAD ROAD"; Pilgrim in "THE CALL (Pilot)"; Hitler in "PASSIONS"; Worthington in "STRONG MEDICINE"; Concerned Citizen in "CHARMED"; Baliff in "JAG"; Bill in "THE DREW CAREY SHOW"; Dan Charles in "MARY CHRISTMAS (MOW)"; Mr McVey in "THE LAST DANCE (MOW)"; Collge Dean Doctor Chance in "ARLI$$"; Commissioner Robert Kluft in "FAMILY LAW"; Lance Persky in "PROFILER"; Janitor Tony in "CITY GUYS"; Mr Mezmer in "POWER RANGERS LIGHTSPEED RESCUE"; Dan in "I'M WITH HER"; Forman in "A.U.S.A."; Doug in "ELEVATOR GIRL (tv movie)"; Dave in "BIG LOVE"; Professor in "GREEK"; Judge in "THE LEAGUE"; Klas Ch 8 Moderator in "VEGAS"; High School Principal in "NICK CANNON'S INCREDIBLE CREW"


Internet: Hopkins (Series Regular) in "SAFETY GEEKS: SVI"; Mike Donovan (Series Regular) in "SCHOOL AND BOARD"

Print: Dad in "Helicopter Parents"; Scottish Athletic Judge in "Toyota Tundra"

Bill Ross

Bill Ross
Astrodome, TX

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Film: Dale in "The Forwarders"; Bill Rizzo in "Blood and Destiny"; ICE Agent in "This Is America"; Clem in "Sway"; Fourth Partner in "Resurrection: The J. R. Richard Story"; Reporter in "King of the World"; Detective in "Killing the Badge"; Husband in "The Dance Class"; Cowboy in "Gambler V"; Police Officer in "Occhiopinocchio"; Businessman in "Witness to the Excecution"; Detective in "Point Man"; Police Officer in "Tall Dark and Deadly"; Wheeler in "Shut Your Blog Off"; Dan Jones in "Safety Point"; Peter Dellinger in "Loyal Servant "; Bill Moore in "Loop"; Bill Ross in "Green Lantern"

TV: Reporter in "Friday Night Lights"; Panelist in "Without Prejudice"; Naval Officer in "Encounters of the Unexplained"; Talk Show Host in "Houston International Business Channel"; Customer in "Commercial for Fiesta Foods"; Business Owner in "Commercial for ITT Technical Institute"; Customer in "Commercial for Time Warner"; Customer in "Commercial for Planet Ford"; Businessman in "Commercial for ProStaff"; Customer in "Commercial for Fiesta Foods"; Customer in "Commercial for Crown Jeep Eagle"; Home Owner in "Commercial for Pedernales Electric Company"; Customer in "Commercial for Sam's Club"; Hotel Guest in "Commercial for Beau Rivage Resort"; Customer in "Commercial for Phillips 66"; Customer in "Commercial for Star Furniture"; Businessman in "Commercial for Prilosec"; Customer in "Commercial for American Express"; Reporter in "Commercial for Golden Cap Cider"; Customer in "Commercial for Conn's"; Customer in "Commercial for Citgo"; Spokesperson in "Commercial for Security Mortgage"; Spokesperson in "Commercial for BellTech Training Center"; Customer in "Commercial for Luby's Cafeteria"; Businessman in "Commercial for Amegy Bank"; News Anchor in "Commercial for Vodafone"; Businessman in "Commercial for China Life Insurance"; Customer in "Commercial for iT'Z"; Spokesperson in "Commercial for Tax Express"; Scientist in "Commercial for Darque Tan"; Customer in "Commercial for Comcast"; Father in "Commercial for Hustler Turf Equipment"; Husband in "Commercial for Texas Orthopedic Hospital"; Husband/Father in "Commercial for The Arbor Gate"; Shopper in "Commercial for Finger Furniture"; Resort Guest in "Commercial for Coushatta Casino Resort"; Host in "Street Smarts"; Businessman in "Commercial for Texas Lottery"

Internet: Talk Show Host in "Wisdom In Action"; Spokesperson in "Texas Discount Realty"

Voiceover: Narrator in "Cooper T. Smith's America"; Narrator in "Operation Manqala: Culture in the Horn of Africa"; Narrator in "Versabar's History"; Narrator in "Glory Days: A Season with the Klein Bearcats"; Narrator in "A Season with the Hurricanes"

Print: Hotel Guest in "Beau Rivage Resort"; Photographer in "The Woodlands Development Corporation"; Husband in "Neupro Pharmaceuticals"; Theatre Goer in "Neupro Pharmaceuticals"; Business Owner in "First Choice Power"

Other: Businessman in "Industrial Video for Digital 2000"; Corporate Executive in "Industrial Video for Service Corporation Internati"; Employee in "Industrial Video for Compaq Computers"; Corporate Executive in "Industrial Video for Shell Oil"; Host in "Industrial Video for Christus Health"; Businessman in "Industrial Video for Halliburton Energy Services"; Host in "Industrial Video for FMC Fluid Control"; Host in "Industrial Video for Conoco"; Host in "Industrial Video for Romar"; Corporate Executive in "Industrial Video for Abear Productions"; Employee in "Industrial Video for DuPont"; Howard Murphy in "Industrial Video for Holt Caterpillar Equipment"; Corporate Executive in "Industrial Video for ExxonMobil"; Host in "Industrial Video for Ventech"; Oil Field Supervisor in "Industrial Video for Hughes Christensen"

Robin Cote

Robin Cote
Gilbert, AZ

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Film: Patient in "Fresh Canned Help"; Mike's Mom in "Illegal Alien"; Edna (Lead) in "Edna"; Abigail in "Twisted Trucker Tales: Desert Rats"; Officer Misty Hill in "Twisted Trucker Tales: Job Dissatisfaction"; Officer Misty Hill in "Twisted Trucker Tales: Splattooed Heart"; Myself in "Pleading the First"; Lt. Michelle Ryan (Lead) in "51 Fifty"; Principal in "Rigley High"; Laura in "John: Hitman"; Zombie in "Save Yourself"; Suicide Hotline Operator in "Human Like You"; Bar Patron in "Schism"; Bank Teller, Banquet Guest in "Harold"; Witch (Lead) in "Snow"; Death's Mom, Nurse in "Dance With Death"; Picnic Goer in "Middle Men"; Reporter, Banquet Guest in "Trust Tusk"; Maggie (Lead) in "The Kiss"; Police Officer in "Fallen Blue"; Zombie in "Deviation"; Businesswoman in "The Briefcase"; Football Fan in "Jerry Maguire"; Airport Hooker, Airline Passenger in "Nervous Ticks"; Saloon Girl, Shopper, Student in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"; Police Officer in "Raising Arizona"; Bratty Child in "Used Cars"; Clarnell (Lead) in "Ed"

TV: Baseball Fan in "My Boys"; Pastry Shop Customer in "Maneater"; Traffic Reporter in "KNXV, KPHO"; Entertainment Reporter in "Backstage Pass"; Party Participant in "Arizona Lottery Commercial"; Mother in "Pima County PSA"; Myself in "Leg Firm Infomercial"; Lady on bench, Businesswoman in "Arizona Kidney Foundation PSA"; Cowgirl in "Kellogg's Frosted Flakes"; Baseball Fan in "Cactus League Baseball Commercial"

Internet: Mother in "Drunk Driving PSA"; Myself in "Satanic Views"; Hippie, Congresswoman in "Dewars Scotch"; Writer, Site Moderator in "Puckfans"

Radio: Senior Producer/Reporter in "Metro Networks/Westwood One"; Traffic Reporter in "KKLT, KTAR, KDKB, KEDJ, KUPD, KSLX, KDUS, KKNT, KJ"; On-Air Talent in "KUPD, KZON, KZZP, KWCY, KNRJ, KESZ, KQEZ, KRIM, KQ"; Producer in "KESZ"

Appearances: Promotions Director, Announcer in "Arizona Entertainment Awards"; Promtions Director, Announcer in "Arizona's Best Kept Secrets"

Print: Model in "Beautiful Scars"; Asst. Editor, Senior Writer, Promotions in "Music Voice Magazine"

Other: Set Photography, Background Video in "Of Blood and Gin"; Spouse, Widow in "Mercy Training (Instructional Video)"; Executive Producer, Casting, Editing in "Edna"; Associate Producer, Set Photographer, Audio, Casti in "Twisted Trucker Tales"; Costume and Makeup Design in "Snow"; Promotions Director, Audio in "World of Kids, Talent Showcase"; Promotions Director in "Backstage Pass"; Senior Data Specialist in "KAET Channel 8"

Karita Fleming

Karita Fleming
Phoenix, AZ

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Film: Dr.Aurburn /Lead in "LOVE(LESS)"; Sheila/Lead in "The Scarfed Assassin"; Supporting/Porsche in "Why Love is so unfair"; Cameo in "ManEater"; Extra in "Middle Men"; Agent Brandht/co-star in "Flashes "; Party Girl in "Last Summer "; myself/interview in "The Valley "

TV: Principal in "Cartoon, Cartoon"; Principal in "SAFE-AUTO Insurance "; Extra in "Free to be a star"; Principal in "Blimpies"; Extra in "Mt. Carmel Hospitals "; Principal in "U.S. Bank"; Excited Buyer in ""

Theater: Performer in "Foolish Bison Comedy Troupe"; Housewife in "Damn Yankees"; One Person Show in "Jeffty is 5"; One Person Show in "Bastard Out of Carolina"

Modeling: Runway in "Paul Mitchells"; Runway in "Abba -Viola "; Runway in "Exotica Retailers "; Fit in "Limited Brands "; Promotional Model in "Kool's "; Ms. Molson Columbus in "Anhuesier Brewing Co "

Internet: Principal in "Real Response"; Ninja / Puppeteer in "Mr. Timmys Funhouse"; News Anchor in ""

Print: Lingerie in "Zoticus Delicates"; Swimsuit model in "Zoticus Swim "; Model in "The House of Zoticus "; myself/interview in "Insider Magazine"

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