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  So I just joined SlateCast a couple of days ago. Not only were there no hidden fees, but I already have an audition for this weekend! Thank you SlateCast.

   Finally! Found a site that works. I love this site because it's easy to move around, just click talent and behold there is the talent, click photos, and detailed description and walla! There is someone in the area your looking for.
Congratulations on a site well done!

~ V J

  I joined today and immediately, I found this site to be wonderful during this economic turndown that we are currently experiencing. I love it and it makes me have a renewed faith in the United States of America. Love you

   I think you guys are amazing! I'm just getting back into this gig and I've visited many, many other sites promising to deliver the same content as they fall short and want my credit card information before I can send my resume and headshots to a "free" job! Thank you for all you provide, it's simply the best site available to actors/actresses... period.

  I must take this time to thank slatecast as being an above board first string team that does a great service to the community of film. As an actor since 1951 I've had more scams attempted to make me the brunt of their scams looking for endless fee's for roles in films or sitcoms that were already out of production. Slatecast is the only venue that offers a free service to the community of actors that is for the sole good of those posting their talents and headshots and video's for no cost whatsoever. Bless you slatecast. It is a refreshing emotion to have slatecast's efforts to supply gigs for actors and other trades in the craft. Times are uncertain with our present economic conditions in our neck of the woods and I wish to thank you slatecast from the bottom of my heart.

   We love Slate Cast! After posting a profile and resume for my daughter Olivia, she was contacted to be a guest speaker for the 3rd Annual Healthy Choices for Girls Conference to be held in Bloomington, IN in April. This was after only 3 days from the time we posted her profile. We are recommending the site to everyone we know!

Thank you,

  Just a quick thank you for your help at Our movie is now cast and we have used actors from your casting service.

We will use your service in the future and will happily recommend it to other filmmakers...

... Your service saved us a lot of time on a tight schedule so thanks again.

~ Mark Todd
   Blix Street Films
   Knickers Media/Blix Street Films

  I can't believe how "EASY" it was to sign-up and upload my photo. I usually experience my file being too large and never uploading it at all because I am not able to reduce the size.

I am really excited to be a member. I look forward to pursuing my "Real People" modeling career with Yahoooo!

  hi, and here are my two cents...I found slatecast and uploaded a few credits, a very non-professional headshot (coz I didn't have a good current representative one), found a casting call in my area the same day and got the part 2 days later. I can't give you bigger or better kudos than that. I have recommended slatecast to all of my fellow cast members. Thanks for being there and NOT being cost prohibitive for so many actors who are just needing to get out into the marketplace.

  I like this service, I've only gotten a few auditions from this but one of those turned into a great contact. Keep on.

  I was pleasantly surprised to read the content on your website - it is actually written in plain, clear English, properly punctuated, and with few errors, if any. It is a breath of fresh air on the Internet.

   Hi I Think You Guys Rock, This Is An Excellent Thing Your Doing To Help People Like Me Get a Job,Unlike Those Other Sites Who Just Want Money All The Time For Everything. Why Should We Have To Pay To Money On Their Terms, I Would Rather Try To Get a Gig Then If Successful I Would Give The WebSite a Nice Tip Afterwards.

  I just wanted to say thanks for being a website that actually does a service to the actor! I just got cast for a part that I found on here. Unlike other sites that are trying to scam you, you can find projects to work on! Thanks!

   Dear Slate Cast,

Thank you. Thank you for having such an easily accessible website, uncomplicated and so extremely user friendly. Your web design is outstanding - very clean, clear, and functional.

Gratefully yours,

~ Durand

  Your site is the best, I keep telling everyone about it and I just do not understand why they choose the other companies. You would think that filmmakers would be flocking to your site, and I wonder if perhaps all the other phony fake "free sites" that do not allow submissions etc. unless you pay for them are giving kick backs to agents etc... for signing people up. I will keep telling everyone never the less as your site is the only legitimate and real site that advertises and does what it says. You also have the best customer service around.

   I have not been a member long but have gotten some great leads. Not to mention the network value.


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