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dan'l Terry

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 6" (168 cm)
Weight: 153 Lbs (69 kg)
dan'l Terry

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Resurrection  Handicapped person (featured extra) Universal Pictures
Where is Lupita? (US) "Donde es Lupita"   American Businessman Chilean/Mexico FIlm Group
Shroud  All Seeing Blind Man (supporting) David Jetre: Jetre Films
Sticks & Stones  Evangelical Preacher (VO) Arnie Reyes: Floppy King Productions
Lone Star Blues  Fisherman (day player) JD Sitter, Prism Films
Desdomona: A Love Story   Murdering Union Worker Phillip Guzman: 2 Productions
Idiocracy  Guitar Army Player / Stumbling Drunkard (featured Mike Judge, 20th Century Fox
All Bets Are Off  Superhero (lead) UT student film
Planet Terror  Infected Dying Patient (featured extra) Robert Rodriquez, Dimension Films
Conflict of Interest  Dallas Landry Ranch Studios


National Commercial  businessman Fuddruckers Hamburgers Inc.
Treasured Instruments (pilot)  Guitar Expert Magiclumen Productions
America's Most Wanted: The Unknown Dallas Boogeyma  Cienfas Zapata (murder victim) : Supporting Nellie Zimmerman, AMW productions: Fox Television
Sage On Age: Mark Twain at Seventy  Mark Twain (lead) Paul Terry: KLVX Television Las Vegas


The Drunkard  Supporting Chenango Forks Theater Group
Moliere's Tartuff  Voler? (romantic lead) Broome Civic Theatre Co.
Macbeth  MacDuff / Stunts (supporting) Chenango Forks Theater Group
Pirates of Penzance  Pirate Summer Savoyards
Ruddigore  Ancestor (supporting) Summer Savoyards
Dark of the Moon  Narrator US Army USO Theater, Ft. Polk
Fiddler on the Roof  Innkeeper (supporting) San Marcos Musical Theater
Oklahoma  Peddler (supporting) San Marcos Musical Theater
Last Meeting of the Knights of the Magnolia  Col J.C. Kinkaid (lead) San Marcos Civic Theater
Hair  Claude Hooper Bukowski (lead) Broome Civic Theatre Co.
Diary of Anne Frank  Dr. Dussel (supporting) Chenango Forks Theater Group
The Princess and the Pea  Prince Dauntless (Lead) Chenango Forks Theater Group


HAIR  Musical Director Broome Civic Theatre Co.


Kung Fu (animated pilot)  Narrator/Pimp/Psychotic Robber Horseback Salad Entertainment
The Boy Who Cried Wolf  Storyteller Bingo Books


National Commercial   Spokesman Voice Fuddruckers Hamburgers Inc.
Special Skills
ACCENTS: Neutral Announcer/Newscaster, British (Several dialects), Scottish, Russian, Indian, Chinese, French, German, Swedish, Italian
SKILLS: Archery, Horseback, Weaponry, Martial Arts, Scuba (Certified), Tennis, Baseball, Lutherie, Musical Performance: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (tenor)

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