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Laura Finger

Gender: Female
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 1" (155 cm)
Weight: 110 Lbs (50 kg)
Laura Finger

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Sleight of Hand  Cop #3 Vander Built Pictures
Casey is so Obnoxious  Janice (Supporting) Vander Built Pictures
Our Old, Old House  Irate tour guide (S) West End Pictures
Records Management  State worker (S) Cameron Films
The Road Worriers  Claire (Lead) Whitelaw Productions
The Teamleader  Jill (Lead) Spotlite Productions
Google Personals   Girl in restaurant Greene Films
I'm Just the Preachers's Kid  Hannah (Lead) UMC Entertainmnet
Want Something to Cry About?  Adrianne (Lead) Buchanan Films
Just Add Chopsticks  Tina (Lead) Upside Down Productions
5911  Murderer (Lead) Burning Ranch Productions
Delivery  Cop (Supporting) Burning Ranch Productions
Boogie Nights Redoux  Roller Girl (Supporting) Burning Ranch Productions


Biblical Porportions  Princess Micah Anytime Group
A Midsummer's Night's Dream  Titania Off Campus Players
Much Ado About Nothing  Hero Prestige Theater
Mumbo Jumbo  Mrs. Waters Prestige Theater


Pushing Five  Riley (Lead) Buchanan Films
Hope for Change  Woman (Supporting) Burning Ranch Productions
Special Skills
Ballroom dance, Latin Dance, Belly dance, Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Firearms (revolver and semiautomatic pistol), Clarinet, Lyric Soprano. Cycling, Fishing, Yoga
English Accents

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